2 new variations on Trebbiano Spoletino from the Antonelli estate

1 June 2024Category : News News

The Antonelli winery, custodians of Umbria’s ancient winemaking tradition, are preparing to amaze their fans once again with two exceptional new wines made from the Trebbiano Spoletino variety: the evolution of their Spoleto D.O.C.  Anteprima Tonda Trebbiano Spoletino – which now becomes Spoleto D.O.C. Vigna Tonda Trebbiano Spoletino – and the debut of their Spoleto D.O.C. Metodo Classico Trebbiano Spoletino.

Vigna Tonda: a cru of Trebbiano Spoletino

As from this year, the Anteprima Tonda has evolved into Vigna Tonda, marking an important step for Cantina Antonelli. This project was launched in 2007, as the result of a vision of creating a circular vineyard like that planted in the nineteenth century by the present generation’s illustrious great-great-grandfather Francesco Antonelli, and which was already present in the first map of the estate dated 1902.The fact that the new vineyard was still young and  not yet quite ready to give its best fruit encouraged Antonelli to experiment, exploring the variety’s potential by means of long macerations. The result, therefore, was Anteprima Tonda, which included grapes from various parts of the estate. Now that the vines are suitably mature, the circular vineyard produced – in the 2021 vintage – Vigna Tonda, an outstanding wine that is the expression of this single plot.

Thanks to vinification that respects tradition while embracing modern techniques, Vigna Tonda presents itself as a wine that captures the essence of Trebbiano Spoletino. Long maceration on the skins, the use of terracotta and ceramic amphoras, and spontaneous fermentation combine to create a product that celebrates the beauty and natural environment of its zone of origin.


Metodo Classico, 100% Trebbiano Spoletino

Alongside Vigna Tonda, the Antonelli winery is proud to present its Metodo Classico pas dosé, made from 100% Trebbiano Spoletino grapes. This sparkling wine, from the 2020 harvest, is produced from organically grown fruit, and represents a bold and innovative interpretation of the Trebbiano Spoletino variety. It is making its debut following maturation on the yeasts for 24 months, which will be extended to 30 from the next vintage onwards.

The decision to release the wine as a pas dosé bears witness to Antonelli’s desire to preserve the authenticity of Trebbiano Spoletino and explore its potential for being vinified as a sparkler. The result is a refined and elegant wine, with marked acidity and good structure.

Both of these new products are the fruit of constant research, of the company’s profound connection with its region, and of an incessant quest for excellence. The Antonelli winery thus confirms itself as a point of reference in the wine sectors of both Umbria and Italy as a whole, which maintains a commitment to quality and innovation at the forefront of its winemaking activities.

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