A new website entirely devoted to Albarossa: that’s the coronation of the project of Marco Bonfante who,in 2004, fell in love with this historic grape variety, which was created in 1938 from the union of the flowers of theNebbiolo di Dronero vine (a.k.a. Katus), pollinated by Barbera.

The “Albarone Project” was presented to the press on 22nd June at the Da Luigi restaurant in Milan. “My goal is to create, as this is a “new” grape that is little known in the various markets, a wine that is different from those of the other producers of Albarossa. I would like to stand out as the best – or at least the most particular – producer ofthis D.O.C.”, Bonfante explained to the journalists.

This winery is the only one producing Albarossa using the method of appassimento (drying the grapes). All that was lacking was a website devoted to this extraordinary wine, a gateway for all those who want to know more about the world of Albarossa. The labels of these wines, which Marco Bonfante designs with cryptic symbolism – with a new one for each vintage – are also highly attractive. 

The new albarone.it website reflects the producer’s company philosophy: simply by scrolling down, one perceives his extreme precision and attention to detail, with animated images alongside elegant descriptions of Marco Bonfante’s encounter with the Albarossa variety, the story of this cultivar and what makes it unique, tasting notes and the numerous prizes it has won. 

As early as 2013, there was a Silver Medal for Marco’s Bricco Bonfante 2009 at the International Wine Challenge. Among the most recent accolades: the BEST ALBAROSSA OF ITALY for the Albarone Albarossa D.O.C. Piemonte 2015, awarded by Luca Maroni in his 2020 Annual of Italy’s Best Wines. 

The main web page closes with a window towards the future: “The Duedidue project is the wine I have dedicated to the rapport that exists between me and my sister Micaela; like the TWO grapes chosen for this cuvée (initially Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon, from this September Albarossa and Cabernet Sauvignon) we are also TWO people with different characters, but we complete each other and, over the years, we have overcome all the difficulties we have encountered. We are Due di Due (Two out of Two)”. 

This, then, is a complete and dynamic portal, designed to appeal to all wine enthusiasts, but especially those who are particularly curious. For this reason, a direct connection has been created from the main website to the shop: the “Wine Club” offers the possibility to have access to dedicated discounts, special tastings, product previews, newsletters and much more besides.

In an age when connectivity and information are the protagonists, albarone.it allows one to browse in the world of the Albarossa grape, which one also finds in the inviting bottles of Marco Bonfante

The Bonfante family has been making wines at Nizza Monferrato for eight generations, in an area that is the zone of outstanding excellence for the production of Barbera d’Asti and which, in 2014, obtained the “Nizza D.O.C.G.” denomination.

Today, this is a family-run company. The owner, Marco Bonfante, who graduated from the School of Winemaking in Alba, is an enologist who is totally responsible for the production and management of the business. He is assisted by consultant enologist Gianluca Scaglione, agronomist Daniele Eberle, and by his sister Micaela Bonfante, who looks after the firm’s administrative management and logistical organization.

Azienda Vinicola Marco Bonfante

Strada Vaglio Serra, 72 – 1409 Nizza Monferrato (AT) Piedmont

FB: Marco Bonfante Winery

IG: marcobonfantewinery

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