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Auxiliary companies from the vineyard to the consumer.
This is what we intend to do to give our growth contribution to your company.
This looking at the world, Europe and Italy, high-consumption markets per capita of wine.


Concrete actions that develop without fanfare, but with the seriousness that starts from the awareness that wine is a product of the territory and that it is made primarily in the vineyard.

Riccardo Gabriele

Journalist, communicator, rp


His commitment and that of his sta ff, for years in this sector, for passion and vocation, will be able to ensure a non-standardized approach, capable of analyzing the product with due knowledge and communicating with efficiency.


Lisa Tommasini, Press relations and events

Alessandra Rachini, Sommelier, journalist, taster, storytelling and press kits

Claudia Popolla, Administration and key account

Raffaele Vecchione, Business developer events, Wine writer

Emanuele Paracucchi, Art direction & Graphic Design

Simonetta Geppetti, Internal graphics, Executive for press realeases and reviews

Digital Communication


Marco Maltinti,  Web Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist

Andrea Scarfi, Social Media Manager



Giacomo Ciapparelli, Web Designer

Luca Salemmi, Seo & Sem

Via Edda Fagni 35 | 57127 Livorno ITALY


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