Genio Tumbler, the new glass in the Archè by F.S.R. line – HAS BEEN LAUNCHED

A new tumbler has been inserted in the outstanding range that has changed the face of glass design.

Alongside the Archè 2020 glasses, the line perfected and endorsed by Francesco Saverio Russo, world-famous taster and wine educator, the “Genio Tumbler” has now been added: a glass for water, but much more besides.

Thanks to the research and professionalism of the team of experts at VDGlass, and in particular of marketing director Luana Rossi, a complete mise en place is now available, aimed at versatility and refinement. << We have carried out constant research into form and design in order to bring out the best possible experience when tasting or drinking, by means of an instrument that stimulates the taster’s imagination and desire to explore >> explains Luana Rossi.

Its stylistic coherence with the Archè project is also reflected in the name of this glass, “Genio Tumbler”: the first part of the name in fact recalls “Genio”, the universal glass that is ideal for tasting any type of wine.

“Tumbler”, on the other hand, suggests the different kinds of liquids that one can pour into this glass; its solidity and substance are the necessary features for offering the best drinking experience for cocktails, vermouths, bitters, or distillates.

The name of the line, too – Archè – hints at the characteristics of these glasses.

The word derives from Greek and signifies “origin”, in the sense of the primigenial force from which everything comes and to which it will eventually return. The aim is, therefore, to highlight the principles of harmony and strength,

which are expressed not only in the name but also in the form of these mouth-blown glasses. Water, earth, fire, and air become a single entity, perceived thanks to the versatile and elegant design of the “Genio Tumbler”, with its capacity of 400 ml and height of 93 mm, creating a unique adjunct to the line of technical glasses to which Francesco Saverio Russo proudly gives his name.

Like all the Archè 2020 by F.S.R. glasses, the “Genio Tumbler”is available only from www. or via email at

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