Il Marroneto launches its first Madonna delle Grazie Riserva, from the 2013 vintage

«It was love at first tasting. I realized right away that that barrel was something unique». That’s how Alessandro Mori, owner and vigneron of Il Marroneto, describes the genesis of the estate’s first Riserva version of Madonna delle Grazie (and the company’s very first Riserva wine), the produce of a single, carefully chosen barrel. Madonna delle Grazie is a special selection of Brunello di Montalcino, the pride of this six-hectare estate just a short distance away from the walls of the little town.

«In my conception as a vintner», says Alessandro Mori, «a Riserva is a barrel which, thanks to its very nature and in particular vintages, takes on unusual characteristics that make it different and superior in many ways to the other wines, such as its capacity for aging.  I don’t know why or how this happens: I think it’s just naturally blessed. And that is why this Riserva is a totally exceptional wine, one that can’t be repeated year after year.  It is nature that decides when to give it to you».
The 2013 vintage (of which the Brunello and Selezione versions have already been released) has shown itself to be of great interest ever since the time of the harvest and has displayed excellent potential from when it was first tasted in barrel.

«That particular barrel», repeats Mori, «had something about it that was unique and special. In fact, I immediately had a feeling that it could express something particular. For this reason, I started “listening to it” on a daily basis, exchanging my sensations with my colleagues and some friends in the trade, as well as with our distributors and importers. I wanted to understand whether my “feeling” was correct or not».

La decisione è stata ponderata ed alla fine Mori ha deciso che avrebbe prodotto la Riserva da questa 2013.

He took some time over his decision, but in the end Mori resolved that he would produce a Riserva version from the 2013 vintage.

This will be in 1,700 magnums, which will be released onto the market in January 2019, with a simple label that features the term “Riserva” in red below the usual wording to be found on Madonna delle Grazie.

«My idea», explains Mori, «is not to start producing Riserva on an annual basis, but to verify each year if I feel the same emotions I experienced with this 2013».
And what does the future hold, then? «We are now vinifying the 2018, a year that seems to be offering good prospects. It may be that there is also another recent vintage of Riserva quality, but I don’t want to rush anything», concludes Alessandro Mori.

Il Marroneto in brief

Giuseppe Mori, Alessandro’s father, purchased the estate in 1974. The Mori family planted its first 3000 meters of vines in 1975, followed by a substantial number in 1979 and the last 9000 meters in 1984. Today the property covers 6 hectares. The first bottling dates back to 1980.

Their meeting with an almost legendary duo in the world of Italian winemaking (and in particular that of Tuscany), Mario Cortevesio and Giulio Gambelli, triggered off a special passion in the members of the Mori family and especially in Alessandro who, from 1990 to the present, has decided to devote himself full-time to Il Marroneto.

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