Masari: PIONEERS IN THE AGNO VALLEY, with 25 years of sustainability and innovation

The Masari, winery, in the picturesque Agno Valley in the Province of Vicenza, is proudly celebrating its first quarter century of activity: an extraordinary voyage undertaken by Massimo Dal Lago and Arianna Tessari, pioneers who have made the realization of their dream possible in a zone that had been abandoned by agriculture for around 150 years.

Being the first to start up in an area that was unknown, facing uncertainties and obstacles, was the challenge the winery took on, combined with the bold, visionary ambition of implementing a new model of agriculture and viticulture, which can now be defined as avant- garde. Nonconformist practices such as leaving part of the estate uncultivated, and speaking about sustainability and mixed farming, promoting the coexistence of several crops within the property, were courageous challenges 25 years ago.


Masari was the starting point, a fixed star that inspired the creation of other wine-producing companies in the zone, making the founders’ dream tangible. Massimo Dal Lago, the winery’s founder and enologist, comments:

«We were the zone’s groundbreakers, and in 25 years we have never let up. There have been difficulties, but each small success gave us the stimulus to continue. At the beginning our path was an uncertain one, but today we can claim with pride to be an integral part of the Italian winemaking scene».

The estate, located in a zone of high hills at the foot of the Little Dolomites, can boast vineyards situated at between 350 and 600 meters above sea level, capable of producing wines of notable freshness and with a perfect balance between richness and vivacity. The altitude and microclimate of the zone slow down ripening and give the vines a longer vegetative cycle.

The vineyards are cultivated on two different slopes: the one facing East, of calcareous origin, lies on characteristically white rock; the one facing West is on black rock of volcanic origin.

Over the years, Massimo and Arianna have studied the types of soil and the interactions between the soil and the grape varieties, identifying the limestone-based part as especially suitable for Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Nero, whereas the volcanic area is ideal for the minerality, aromatic qualities and complexity of Riesling Renano (Rhine Riesling) and Durella.

The next vintage, that of 2024, will mark the 25th anniversary of the first wine produced: MASARI, from 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot.

In 2016, the family was joined by Pinot Nero, grown in the cooler areas and on lighter soils, taking advantage of the benefits of altitude, which plays a key role in defining the characteristics of this wine.

In 2005, on the other hand, Agnobianco was launched, made from combining Riesling Renano with Durella, a unique blend that cannot be found anywhere else in the world of wine.

Riesling Renano in the Agno Valley has a fascinating history. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this valley was a border area, known for its rapport with the German-speaking world thanks to its abundance of coal-bearing seams. The presence of Riesling is linked to the mining technicians from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, who brought and planted this variety here for the first time. The fact that it is to be found exclusively in the volcanic zone and not in the calcareous one confirms that there existed an understanding of the potential of the climate and soil of the Agno Valley even in the past.

This 2024 of celebrations will also see inaugurated a new farmstead, surrounded by the vineyards of the volcanic zone. From June onwards, it will be open to welcome food and wine lovers who wish to discover the Agno Valley. Each wine tasting will be accompanied by a series of local products from other artisan producers in the zone, thus offering guests the chance to immerse themselves completely in a local gastronomic experience. Accommodation will also be available.

«Looking back», say Massimo and Arianna, «we can be extremely proud of what we have achieved. We are also very confident about the future, because a new energy is emerging in our company thanks to our three children, Giovanni, Camilla and Matteo, who are demonstrating a passion and love for this business and for their local area. 2024 marks, therefore, not only a celebration of our past, but also facing the future with enthusiasm and determination».

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