Our “virtual vertical horizontal tasting”: a new step for the five producers of Orvieto, “grouped together” in the name of quality

Exactly one year after the beginning of their collaboration, the joint program adopted by the group of producers in the Orvieto zone who have decided to form a common front continues, in support of a shared approach to making wine: absolute respect for and commitment to the terroir, minimal environmental impact, meticulous vineyard management and obsessive care in the winery. Their objective is to conserve, in a natural manner, the varietal heritage that represents the real character of this region.

With a little change in their line-up (no longer Tenuta di Salviano, but instead Tenuta Le Velette), Cantine Neri, Madonna del Latte, Palazzone and Sergio Mottura are continuing to uphold, each with its own personality, the same philosophy of production. In sharing this common goal, they have become friends; comparing notes and helping one another, they have obtained great results. Today, at this very difficult time, they have decided to present their new vintage of Orvieto Classico Superiore – the 2019 – in a different way.

They have called it the “virtual vertical horizontal tasting”, because they will send interested journalists samples of two vintages (2018 and 2019, that’s why it’s “vertical”) from each winery (so as to make it also a “horizontal” tasting). But why “virtual”? Because it will be possible to connect with the producers and taste with them by means of the digital communication platforms.

So, as from next week it will be possible to take part in this project and receive the samples for tasting.

Who are the protagonists?

Cantine Neri is a family-run domaine that includes around eighty hectares of land, of which fifty are vineyards. It is situated at Bardano, just outside Orvieto, and is an ambassador for the indigenous varieties present in this region of Umbria. Enrico Neri says about these vintages: «2018 and 2019 are expressions of two very different but complementary years: they share the common trait of an attractive, fresh style, supported by great tanginess and minerality. The 2019 is still young, a bit shy on the nose but exuberant on the palate, given its marked acidity. It is a wine with a character that promises strength and longevity». www.neri-vini.it

Tenuta Le Velette is a historic property in the hamlet of the same name on the slopes of the town of Orvieto, whose “life” began in 1877. It has remained in the hands of the Bottai family until the present day, and this what they have to say about the 2019: «The  result of a year that was one of the hottest but also one of the best in terms of the ripeness and health of the grapes, the 2019 Lunato 2019 expresses better than ever the potential and richness of our unique terroir». www.tenutalevelette.com

Madonna del Latte is a small, family-run estate that is situated between Orvieto and Lake Bolsena and produces wines with total respect for the environment. Leon Zwecker explains: «The year was hot, but the grapes remained healthy. Overall, a vintage that allowed us to obtain fresh, tasty wines». www.madonnadellatte.it

Palazzone is a company that lies a short distance from the town of Orvieto and is characterized by very varied soils, which allows it to express great complexity (also thanks to its many years of experience). Giovanni Dubini describes his wine: «Our Terre Vineate 2019 is an Orvieto Classico Superiore, obtained from the classic grape mix for Orvieto, with Procanico and Grechetto predominating; it stands out thanks to its concentration and balance. In spite of the hot year, our wine is sustained by lively acidity and good fruit. It is also characterized by notable minerality and zestiness, resulting from the excellent soils of the Orvieto area, which make the wine very agreeable and easy to drink». www.palazzone.com/it/

Sergio Mottura, a historic believer in indigenous varieties, has always done research into and put into practice new methods of vinification and of vineyard husbandry, in order to express the potential of his terroir to the full. «At my winery, 2019 is a year for fine whites. They are powerful wines, but without losing out in terms of gracefulness; they are generous right from the start and complex, in line with tradition. The lord of the manner, as always, is the Grechetto d’Orvieto variety, here with an addition of 50% Procanico. Our vineyards have been cultivated organically for thirty years now. The whole of 2019’s production was picked by hand, then put into small 600 kg. trolleys: an innovation that guarantees respect for the fruit and genuineness in the finished wine». www.sergiomottura.com

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