REDI, TODAY’S SOMMELIER. At Vinitaly, for the first time, artificial intelligence and virtual reality come together to present a wine company.

 Bringing together innovative technology and the world of wine, using a new language that looks towards the future and combining different skills to create a new protagonist, Redi: that is the fil rouge of the integrated project devised by communication and public relations agency Pr Comunicare il vino, the BitForFun innovation house, and wine producer Tua Rita. 

The primary objective of this project is indeed to try out new ways of communicating the world of wine, thanks to the use of technology that can make it easier to approach a sector that is marvelous, but sometimes extremely tied to traditional ways of doing things.

Redi (that is the name of our protagonist) is in fact an anthropomorphic figure who moves in the virtual cellar of Tua Rita and will tell visitors to the firm’s stand – during the forthcoming Vinitaly – all about the company’s history, as well as describing its terroir and the wines on tasting. 

 The “virtual Redi” – as it has been re-baptized by the project’s creators – will carry out a dialogue with those who approach him and will address them in Italian or English, recognizing also what kind of person he is dealing with (wine lover, member of the trade, or journalist) and be ready to answer the questions he is asked. 

From a technical point of view, a digital screen will be set up within Tua Rita’s stand, with facial recognition cameras and microphones that allow for an easy dialogue. 

Redi will in fact be in the virtual cellar of Tua Rita (which will reproduce the company’s barrel cellar) and will be seen moving between the barriques. 

When visitors approach the screen, he will move towards them, greeting them in the language they feel comfortable with. 

Moreover, Redi will be able to recognize certain aspects of the person and ask questions so as to understand whether he has a wine lover, a buyer, or a journalist in front of him, in order to chat with them in the appropriate manner. «But we don’t want to give too much away» say the three companies in unison. 

«This project» explains Riccardo Gabriele, head of Pr Comunicare il vino, «brings together three different companies with the aim of trying out new forms of communication in the wine sector. We are absolutely convinced that the artificial intelligence behind Redi (so called in honor in honor of Redigaffi, Tua Rita’s historic and world-famous wine) can facilitate people’s approach to getting to know the company and its wines, as well as stimulating the curiosity of wine enthusiasts. Certainly, Verona will only be a first step towards a definitive, industry-wide application. Our objective is to make it an instrument for enlivening the language of wine outside of the narrow confines of our world». 

The project would undoubtedly not have been possible without a group of experts like the one at BitForFun. Redi, in fact, has six mothers and fathers. 

«We were very enthusiastic about making ourselves available to try out this new, dynamic idea» says Riccardo Saracchi, one of the founders of BitForFun, the Milanese firm with an outstanding level of technological prowess, «integrating our technical skills with those that are specifically linked to the world of wine. Redi is a complex project, which we developed starting off not from mere data but from actual experience in the company, so that we could give him all of the real strength of Tua Rita». 

The real experience of a vineyard and of a glass of wine that transforms itself into a digital personality aroused the curiosity of Tua Rita, which immediately espoused the project. «As a company» explain its owners Simena Bisti and Stefano Frascolla (along with their son Giovanni, who is particularly keen on this innovation), «we have for some time now been developing projects that look at the world of wine in a different way from that of the past, seeking to involve technology and visual communication, and integrating them to offer something more – and in a new language – when tasting wine. We are in fact totally convinced that our sector needs to look towards new forms of communication» 

Redi is, therefore, looking forward to meeting visitors to this year’s Vinitaly, due to take place from 14th to 17th April, on Tua Rita’s stand (Hall 9 C8). 

«Obviously», the heads of the three companies conclude with a smile, «Redi will also be able to identify if it is addressing children, so it will remind them that it is still a bit early for them to be entering into the wonderful world of wine». 

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