Sequerciani’s Foglia Tonda gets high ratings at the workshop of VinNatur

«Fruity, well-balanced, and firmly structured», and also «attractive and appealingly broad. A curious wine with good sapidity, which makes it moreish and provides equilibrium on the palate»: these are just some of the comments on the 2017  Foglia Tonda from Sequerciani by the trade professionals (journalists from Italy and abroad, wine producers, research scientists and enologists) who judged 166 wines from VinNatur’s members during the workshop held in Vicenza in May.

This event consisted of three days of study and discussions about natural wine, analyzed from the point of view of production and of how it is perceived by the market. Those participating were involved in a series of blind tastings, with the aim of highlighting – without any preconceptions – the strengths and potential for improvement of the wines, which were judged according to the classic organoleptic parameters.

Sequerciani’s 2017 Foglia Tonda received one of the highest ratings in the red wine category, with a score of 84.8 points, well over the average of all the samples that were tasted.

Vinified as a 100% varietal on the estate at Gavorrano in the Province of Grosseto, Foglia Tonda was considered for a long time a cultivar that had become extinct. It was then rediscovered at Sequerciani, a producer that also acts as a champion for other lesser-known indigenous Tuscan varieties, and has become one of the flagship products of the estate, offering a wine with a strong territorial character.

VinNatur, created to further the production and appreciation of natural wines both in Italy and around the world, groups together over 170 producers from 9 different countries, each with its own story but with a dream in common: to make wine that is naturally good, both for people and for the environment.

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