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Internal & External Communication

Helping to find the best way to communicate within your company, prior to communicating effectively to the world outside.

We take care of creating communication plans and promoting our clients’ brands in Italia and abroad.

Public Relations

Public relations activities at meetings, fairs, tastings
and other events in Italy and abroad

Brand Ambassador

Traditionally seen as the spokesperson for a brand, this is an agent (either within or outside the company) with the task of promoting the brand and stimulating sales. These are generally professionals who are very well informed about the brand that they represent, and who have a central role within the social networks that are of fundamental importance for the brand’s development. The brand ambassador may be anyone who has a profound knowledge of the brand and of the market in which the producer operates. The brand ambassador should be able to identify certain needs that the brand fulfills.

2.0 Communication

Our agency can also create professional photographs of the company, its products and the salient aspects of life at the winery: a real “book” that can be used in many ways.


· Creation of websites
· News management on internet sites
· Collaboration with the widely read online publication Corriere del Vino

Tasting & Scall-Scale Events

Tastings for the press and stakeholders:
· New vintages
· Current vintages
· Vertical tastings


· Invitations to the trade press and stakeholders
· Tasting lunches and dinners for the press, stakeholders and clients


PR’s conception of Terroir finds its strongest expression in the tastings that the agency organizes during the year, inviting Italian and foreign journalists, influencers and buyers to prestigious locations where our agency has its own cellar. This decidedly comfortable and relaxing environment gives us the chance to present the wines of “our” producers at their best.


Three cities, three people
We organize presentation lunches for our producers with members of the trade press, so that they can illustrate their philosophies and update our colleagues. On these occasions we always bring our clients’ publicity materials (which are also available on iCloud).



Our agency also follows specific projects abroad, especially P.R. activities and the organization of customized events in London, Paris, U.S.A., Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia and Northern Europe. These are parallel projects that are carried out personally in loco by the agency. Along with these we offer brand-building activities in foreign markets in the form of additional consultancies that are targeted at increasing sales directly in the proposed zones.


We offer the possibility of attending fairs with a single booth for all of you. We contribute our know-how and all the organization. This could be a means to participate in several events, while keeping your costs down.

Among our target areas:
London, Dusseldorf, Verona, Bordeaux, U.S.A., China, Asia.

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