Terenzuola presents: I PINI DI CORSANO. A Vermentino that is the essence of an ancient spirit


Colli di Luni _ Based on the company’s long-held and constant desire to give expression and consecration to a great grape variety, Terenzuola is now releasing I Pini di Corsano, a 100% varietal Vermentino that succeeds in offering a complete interpretation of the rapport between man and his land and which is now ready to make its debut with the 2021 vintage. A compendium of the company’s DNA, it represents the essence of the family story behind Terenzuola and the ability of various generations to give a voice and dignity to a location that is extreme, but with an undisputed vocation for viticulture. It is a Vermentino that expresses to the full the energy of a land that lies between the sky and the sea. 

«My grandfather always perceived an indissoluble connection with this area, to the extent that he really believed in it and, with great foresight, invested in it as long ago as the end of the 19th century», recounts Ivan Giuliani, the third generation of his family in charge of Terenzuola. Ivan began his career here in the ’90s, when this was still a farm geared towards self-sufficiency; since then, it is he who dreams up and “designs” his wines, one vintage after the other. Under the majestic pine trees, today the symbol of the estate, his grandfather planted a small vineyard, on a very steep, southwest-facing slope in a zone where the soil is rich in schist, as is typical on this high hill. It is a site that expresses the Genius Loci of Terenzuola and possesses an age-old spirit in its terrain. «The first reflection I had when I joined the company,” Ivan Giuliani continues, “was my desire to dedicate a label to this magical vineyard, where the constant ventilation and particular exposure to sunlight have always completed the perfect ripening of the grapes, just enough to fill a single 20-hectoliter cask». 

The progression that has led to the creation of this new wine has taken a long time, passing first through a wine called Ronco dei Pini, a name that evokes that very steep vineyard without any terraces lying between the two Pines. For a couple of years, it was the precursor of another 100% Vermentino wine, the Fosso di Corsano. In spite of the different bottles that followed, what remained constant was the extraordinarily high quality of the wine from the tank referred to as that “of the pines”. The introspection to which the period of the pandemic constrained us gave Ivan Giuliani the final motivation for deciding to reintroduce the wine, but based on greater expertise and knowledge, and giving it a more precise identity. 

Now baptized with its new name, I Pini di Corsano, Ivan Giuliani describes it as “a selection of  the finest parcel of Fosso di Corsano, capable of giving a faithful interpretation of our Vermentino as a result of my career of personal and corporate growth.” 

I Pini di Corsano 2021 asserts its position at the top of the range, as the most precious wine and the flagbearer for the estate. It does not reveal itself as a powerhouse, but focuses instead on the elegance and depth of its aromas and flavours. The Vermentino of I Pini di Corsano summons up the sea, sunshine, and wind, but especially the passion that drives those who courageously look after this difficult area of vineyards every day, protecting it from the countryside that is trying to take it over. The vines bury – deep into the strata of time – roots that are able to tell a story and give the wine an important dimension in terms of texture and longevity. Minerality, liveliness and depth are the stylistic hallmark of this new expression from Terenzuola.

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