The future’s already in the company: Giovanni Frascolla becomes director of Poggio Argentiera

Make way for the young! In the last few days, this adage has become a reality for the company in the Tuscan Maremma, whose Morellino di Scansano wines are part of this Denomination’s history. In fact, Giovanni Frascolla, son of Stefano Frascolla and  Simena Bisti and grandson of Rita Tua, has joined the staff of the winery, which since 2015 has belonged to the Suvereto-based company whose wines are famous all over the world, including Redigaffi, Per Sempre and Giusto di Notri.

Giovanni, 23, recently graduated in enology from the University of Pisa and will be responsible for all the activities of Poggio Argentiera (in collaboration with the current staff), with particular attention to the management of the vineyards and production in the winery.

This important step guarantees continuity for the company, as well as a look into the future.

«I practically grew up in the vineyards and in the winery» says Giovanni. «My family has always involved me in working at the estate (referring to Tua Rita) and this was also immediately the case at Poggio Argentiera. I’ve breathed in the scent of wine ever since I was a child and the product fascinated me to such an extent that, when the time came to choose my university course,  I had no doubts as to what path to take».

Giovanni studied in Pisa, but has also, therefore, had real hands-on, practical experience, following the various phases of the growing cycle and of wine production, prior to now joining the Maremma estate full-time, and with very precise goals.

«The work that is being done in the company is already of a very high standard, so we will carry on along the path we have taken since 2015, concentrating a great deal on the territorial origins of our wines». As he explains,«we in fact have vineyards that allow us to put into bottle the typical characteristics of the Maremma. For us, Poggio Argentiera represents a wine for drinking now, but with the ability to also last over time. They are fresh wines, which are extremely easy to drink. We will continue along this path, focusing even more on this objective».

It is also Giovanni’s intention to concentrate on the estate’s communication strategies, with an eye to the social media and language that is youthful and direct.

For that reason, the videos launching the new vintages (chosen to present the wines to the public, in this period of Coronavirus) feature him in person.

This new path for the company is also reflected in the style that he adopts, focusing on language that is young because «I want to speak to my generation, because I think these wines can really be appreciated by this age group».

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