The new entries in our portfolio

PR Comunicare il Vino’s 2021 has begun with two new partnerships.  We are talking about Tenuta Montauto in the Maremma and Marco Bonfante’s estate at Nizza Monferrato in Piedmont.

Tenuta Montauto has belonged to the Lepri family for over sixty years. It was Enos, grandfather of Riccardo, the current owner, who planted the first vineyards in the 1980s, but it was only in 2001 that the company took on its present form when Riccardo took over its reins.
Together with the enologist, he began to rediscover the terroir of Montauto: the distinctive composition of the soil – clayey and extremely rich in minerals, such as quartz – and its exposition, caressed by the cooling breezes from the sea off Capalbio, situated only 10 km away as the crow flies.

Marco Bonfante has very clear ideas when it comes to wine: his products must reflect his personal taste. His family has been producing wine at Nizza Monferrato – where Marco still has his headquarters – for 8 generations. It is here that the Albarone project has come to fruition: a wine made from Albarossa grapes, a variety created in 1938 by crossing flowers from Nebbiolo di Dronero, also known as Katus, with pollen from Barbera. And it is in this project that our agency will be involved.

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