The rebranding of the wines of Il Conte Villa Prandone captures the essence of the family’s story. The company is all set to present the new vintages of its wines to the press and on all the social media channels, but this time with a different graphic design. The restyling of the labels has in fact been completed, with an innovative design that aims for elegant simplicity, obtained thanks to careful research into forms that are in harmonious balance.

This change of image is part and parcel of a more profound restyling of the company: Il Conte Villa Prandone once again gives proof that it is a producer which, while relying on its experience of ancient family traditions, highlights artisanal creativity in its use of new techniques.

Running the business today are the four De Angelis siblings who, thanks to the tenacity of Walter and Samuel in the vineyards, the skills of enologist Emmanuel in the winery and the determination of Marina as regards sales and exports, make IlConteVillaPrandoneone of the foremost treasures of the Marche Region.

The concept of rebranding is underlined in the words of Emmanuel De Angelis: << We must never forget where we came from. For this reason, we pursue our company philosophy, which is based on attention to detail, from the vineyard to the production processes and to the image of the family. We will fine-tune this project, introducing innovations in the winery as well: we are studying maturation in barrels, and even trying out different types of wood. Our goal is to achieve excellence >>.

The lines of the new labels are inspired by the historic version of the logo that the winery has used for decades. The protagonist remains the angel, an allegorical symbol of the “De Angelis” family name, but this time it is represented by the intersection of its wings, which form a heraldic shield. Above, there are the three stars that have always been present in the family’s graphic identity. Completing the design, right at the top, there are the laurel leaves, now in a minimalist key: these have always represented a symbol of celebration, success, and triumph, auguring happiness and satisfaction for those who create the product and for those who enjoy the fruits of their labors.

The labels have been renewed, giving an identity to two lines: Premium and Terra (“Earth”). The logo has been developed according to the principles with which one constructs a global icon for the world of today: one that can express itself powerfully in any context, whether physical or digital. Its appeal is evident, as is its desire to be part of a context in which style is increasingly an ambassador for Brand Values.

As Emmanuel concludes: << Renewing our logo was the first step to illustrating how much our company believes in its values, tradition and history: how it intends to give these aspects a concrete form today. We believe, in fact, that this is an important sign of maturity. A renewed BrandIdentityis synonymous with – and a symbol of – awareness of what we are and what we want to become >>.

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