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Supporting our producers from the vineyard to the final client: that is what we propose to do in order to contribute to the growth of your company. We do so with an eye on Italy, Europe and other world markets with high per capita wine consumption.


We carry out our activities in a calm understated manner, but with professionalism, based on the knowledge that wine is a product of its terroir and that it is made above all in the vineyard.

Riccardo Gabriele

Journalist, communicator, PR consultant


His commitment and that of his dedicated staff – all of whom have worked in the wine sector for years – will offer you a non-standardized approach, based on analyzing your products with the appropriate expertise and then communicating them effectively.

Lo Staff

Lisa Tommasini, Responsable of press reports and events

Alice Romiti, Project Developer

Arianna Mannari, Visual Designer

Stefania Tacconi, Responsable of International Relations



Comunicazione Digital


Marco Maltinti,  Web marketing Manager & Digital Strategist

Andrea Scarfi, Social Media Manager



Giacomo Ciapparelli, Web Designer

Luca Salemmi, Seo & Sem

Via San Marco 17 | 57126 Livorno ITALY


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